About Us

“Cerberus Cottage” is a fun and inclusive facility, supporting ADF families and the local community; by providing diverse activities and courses in a safe, social and caring environment.

Meet Our Team


Jill Oborne


Jill is a local Kindergarten teacher and runs various groups such as Bible study and book club. Jill gives a few hours a month to Cerberus Cottage ensuring we obtain funding, and spend the funding helping our community achieve big things.

Vice President and Group Leader of Coffee morning

Kate Blanchard




Ruth Stanley


Ruth is an Accountant and holds various roles. Not only does she work side by side with Jill, Ruth also assists Caroline at playgroup. Ruth also gives a few hours a month to Cerberus Cottage to find funding solutions 

Playgroup Coordinator

Caroline James

Caroline is a swimming instructor and mum of 2. She is fantastic with children and adults alike


General Committee Members

Rowena Middleton

Rowena is a local Mum of three. Rowena volunteers her time to help promote Cerberus Cottage to our community through social events. You will often see Rowena at Coffee Mornings or Movie nights and she is always up for a chat.



Julie Prentice


Julie's role is to meet and greet our community as they walk through the door. The implementation of  new courses and activities for all of our members. Julie runs our accommodation houses which is used to house families reuniting with loved ones. 

She is the contact of all contacts

Tamara Bellingham


Tamara works closely with the treasurer and coordinator to insure our books are kept up to date, she works with suppliers and business' to give our members great prices on groups and classes.


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